This mod offers 100+ fixes and upgrades of X-Plane 11’s G1000 version of the Cessna Skyhawk C172SP, including enabled systems functionality, corrected flight performance, advanced failures, visual effects, optimized textures and third-party plugin compatibility.

Highlighted features

# AviTab integration

# GMA 1347 audiopanel fully working

# Ice accretion visible on the wings

# G1000 EFIS boot sequence

# PFD autopilot control buttons

# PilotEdge TX/RX feedback and phone

# Flight crew oxygen system

# Cabin fire extinguisher system

# Engine priming and spark plug fouling/unfouling

# FSEconomy passengers and cargo visualization

As you know, I love flying the C172SP on PilotEdge. I made this mod in memory of wishing there was a free mod at the time that advanced the functionality of the G1000 model. Here it is.

This is a personal project. I’m just an ordinary X-Plane simpilot and C172 lover like many of you. I have no background in computer programming. I hope you appreciate my work. Please show support on FSEconomy. This download is free for personal use.

Download here

Default C172SP G1000 “UncertifiedPilot” Mod