Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 CAT-ratings

A. Traffic patterns

Flying traffic patterns on a busy Charlie-level airport means additional radio communications with additional traffic density. Will I be able to manage?


Basic traffic patterns at Burbank ... but in the right seat :-) Very very weird, but much fun though!


Hardest traffic patterns ever. Heavy turbulence at night. Got the hang of it, luckily :-)

B. Short flights

Visiting nearby Charlie-level airports around the LA downtown area. Don't be fooled, these shorter flights are harder than they may seem. 


A very complex but successful flight to Ontario airport. I love flying Charlie's! :-)


A complex VFR night flight, without Flight Following, and including a transition through a Delta-class airport. Challenging but much fun!

C. Long-haul flights

Finally, the big flights from and to Charlie-level airports, crossing high density airspaces, making use of all the flight and navigation skills I have.


My MOST complex VFR flight ever! Avoiding LA airspace, no flight following, a touch-and-go at Hawthorne, a mini-route transition through Bravo airspace, cloud avoidance, etc.


My last VFR training flight. I accidentally violated Bravo airspace and attracted several Keith-induced failures during flight :p Watch and learn!

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