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A. Traffic patterns

Back to traffic pattern flying, but this time in controlled airspace. Focus will be on managing radio communications while keeping an eye out on other traffic.


Great traffic patterns at San Luis. Keith joined the stream (CEO of PilotEdge) and messed up my engine in the pattern! Watch to see if I survived my first ever engine-out in the pattern ;-)


Traffic patterns at night, with moderate turbulence. Good practice! Should focus on getting my altitude right from Base to Final. I love to fly at night :-)

B. Short flights

Sweet, short-range flights from one Delta-level airport to the other. Using pilotage and navaids, we hop around the SoCal region.


A nice sweet hop from KSBP to KBFL with flight following by day. Very relaxed, scenic flight :-)


A very pretty, safe, long-distance flight to Van Nuys. Really pleased about this one. Enjoy! :)

C. Long-haul flights

Time to bring out the bigger guns: Long-range flights around the SoCal area from, through, and to Delta-level airports.


First flight as PIC (for a bit) and first group flight to KPSP. Much fun! And again, very pretty scenery. Good flying, good ATC.


Most challenging VFR flight so far. At night, dense airspace, heavy turbulence, and flight following. Enjoy ;-)

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