Central to the Uncertified Pilot is my aspiration to obtain a virtual Instrument Rating: To master most of the flight knowledge and skills that are required to pass an actual, real-world IFR checkride.

In order to become Instrument Rated, however, I need to obtain my virtual Private Pilot license first. As I have no certified flight instructor to guide and assess me, my training will be mostly self-regulatory and self-correcting.

How would I structure my flight simulator training?

The foundation of my flight simulator training

Luckily, however, PilotEdge exists: A subscription-based, online multiplayer network that brings realistic ATC to your flight simulator. Don’t know about PilotEdge yet? Visit those guys right away.

PilotEdge also offers realistic VFR and IFR checkrides to pass for, assessed in-game by their professional ATC controllers. These checkrides, called CAT ratings, require you to use real-world ATC protocol and follow all airspace regulations, while executing basic to complex VFR/IFR departures, airspace transitions, and arrivals.

This is awesome.

Based on PilotEdge’s checkrides, I have developed my own PPL and IR training programs that structure my lesson goals. Have a look at the training stages below.

Once I pass for all of PilotEdge’s checkrides, I’ve pretty much earned a virtual Instrument Rating. That’s how I will determine my ability.

But there’s more…

Live streaming on Twitch.tv

Using my Twitch.tv channel, I live stream my every flight to your home. These streamed flights will also be recorded and archived on my YouTube channel for later review and used to keep record of all of my mess-ups, struggles and learnings as I attempt to pass PilotEdge’s VFR checkrides.

This way, my Twitch and YouTube channels will gradually evolve into a useful resource that you can benefit from too.

My Private Pilot training program

Below, or through the main menu, you can access all of my PPL training stages and recorded flight training. There you can track my progress and learn about the things that I found useful to better understand flying.

Please feel free to critique my training or notes by leaving your comments. I would love to learn as much I can about flight training. Don’t hesitate to teach me something interesting and new!

Hop over to Stage 2: Uncontrolled airspace to start watching right away!

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