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I-01 rating

There and back again. This first IFR rating involves a simple flight from KSNA to KSNA, with vectors for the ILS RWY 20R approach. This is the IFR equivalent of pattern work.


YEAH! Passed my first rating! Some valuable feedback Keith after engine shutdown, though. Always something to learn.

I-02 rating

Short hop. File IFR flight plan from KSNA to KCRQ. Fly IFR from KSNA to KCRQ, requesting vectors to the ILS RWY 24 final approach course.


That was a nice flight. Glad I passed!!

I-03 rating

TEC routes. File IFR flight plan from KSNA to KBUR using the specified TEC route and fly IFR from KSNA to KBUR, requesting vectors to the ILS RWY 8 approach.

PASSED (just)

That was a close one. Note to self: know your frequencies. But I passed, nonetheless! :)

I-04 rating

ATC picks the destination, you find, file and fly the correct route. The pilot flies IFR from KSNA to a destination of the controller’s choice, filing an IFR flight plan using the preferred routing. Weather permitting, the pilot will conduct a visual approach at the destination airport.


Nice and basic IFR flight to Ramona. I did great. Especially after having not flown for a month.

I-05 rating

Intro to SIDs/STARs. Fly from Burbank (KBUR) to Las Vegas (KLAS) via predefined routes, picking one that is appropriate for your type of aircraft.


A long-haul flight from Burbank to Las Vegas. Much fun though, and not too challenging :-)

I-06 rating

SID from KLAX. Fly from KLAX to KSNA using the appropriate TEC route and fly a full approach from SLI, without vectors to final. 


Quite a basic flight with many familiar procedures. Still, several risky moves crept in. Have a look.

I-07 rating

Introduction to non-towered IFR operations. The pilot will fly IFR from KSNA to KAVX and shoot the VOR/DME-B approach from SXC.


Very smooth and scenic flight into Catalina island! I could've been more precise with my altitudes and radial flying.

I-08 rating

Non-towered IFR departure. Non-towered IFR departure then vectors for LOC RWY 27 approach at KSAN.


Very smooth, very effortless. Learned: Don't just 'brief' but also 'memorize' (elements of) your instrument approaches.

I-09 rating (currently retired)

Profile SID/STAR. KLAS to KLAX via BOACH or MCCRN SID and the RIIVR STAR into LAX.

Skipped ...

I-10 rating

Missed approach. SID from SBALOC/DME BC-A into KSMX, missed approach, hold, divert to KSBP for the VOR-A from MQO.


So proud of passing this rating :-) No autopilot, no GPS, just plain-old hand flying in IMC at night. And ran into some engine trouble as well...

I-11 rating

Meet your arc enemy. Non-towered departure using Obstacle Departure Procedure, hold at PDZVOR/DME RWY 17 at KVCV, missed, then cancel IFR and land under VFR.


YES! DID IT! Passed for the final rating and can now proudly call myself an instrument rated simpilot.