Finally, it’s time to earn my Instrument Rating in flight simulator.

Similar to my VFR training program, for my Instrument Rating training, I have structured my training flights on the basis of real-world flight training programs. I studied the King School Instrument Rating course, PilotEdge’s Real-World IFR course, and PilotEdge’s free IFR workshop videos on YouTube.

I cannot wait to get started!

The foundation of my flight simulator training

Again, I will conduct all my flights online, connected to the PilotEdge network. PilotEdge is a subscription-based, online multiplayer network that brings realistic ATC to flight simulator. Don’t know about PilotEdge yet? Visit those guys right away.

In addition to ATC service in flight simulator, PilotEdge also offers realistic VFR and IFR checkrides. These checkrides are assessed in-game by the ATC controllers with much rigor (have a look at me completing PilotEdge’s VFR checkrides, called the CAT-rating).

The IFR checkrides, called I-ratings, require pilots to use real-world ATC protocol while abiding to airspace and weather regulations, while executing basic to complex instrument departure, enroute, arrival, and approach procedures.

Once I pass all of PilotEdge’s I-rating, I’ve earned my Instrument Rating in flight simulator.

Live streaming on

I live stream every training flight to These streamed flights will also be recorded and archived on my YouTube channel for later review and used to keep record of all of my mess-ups, struggles and learnings during my instrument training.

This way, my Twitch and YouTube channels will gradually evolve into a useful resource that you can benefit from too when learning to fly IFR.

My Instrument Rating training program

Below, or by accessing the main menu above, you find my scheduled stages of IFR training. Each stage includes a bunch of training flights that are particular to that stage of training. You can track my progress and learn about my studies and the things that I found useful to improve my flying.

As always, please feel free to critique my flights by leaving your comments. I would love to learn as much as I can about flying IFR. Do not hesitate to teach me something interesting and new!

Hop over to Stage 1: Instrument Flying to start watching right away!

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