Holding entry pattern help

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Holding entry pattern help

I’m using Flight Simulator (X-Plane) to develop real-world instrument flying skills. To nail those nasty holding entry procedures, I developed my own cheat sheet. Use the download link below (free) to grab your own.

If you come to spot any mistakes in my holding entry cheat sheet, or have ideas for improvement, please let me know by commenting on this blog post below. I’m really interested in learning all there is to know about flying such procedures. I’m not an actual PPL certified pilot nor is this checklist approved by real-world pilots. I invite you all to critically review my study and let me know if any information on the sheet needs changing, rephrasing, adding or removing. I’ll gladly upload improved versions if necessary.

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Version 1.1

  • Added a third page, showing what to do with left-handed holding patterns (opposed to right-handed ones, as by default)

Version 1.0