Saitek TPM Throttle Calibration Problem (FIX)

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Saitek TPM Throttle Calibration Problem (FIX)

You’ve just bought yourself Saitek’s TPM and are ready to embark on your newest flight sim adventure. You connected the TPM, installed Saitek’s latest drivers, and jumped into your virtual cockpit in FSX or Prepar3D to depart. Frustratingly, once you test the throttle lever – you notice something buggy: When the throttle is fully aft, if you push in the throttle it works as it should until it gets to about 50% of the way in. At this point it then “jumps” to full throttle…

Don’t worry, this is not a problem with the TPM.

tpm-calibrationThe issue arises with the default calibration wizard in Windows (within FSX or P3D: Settings > Controls > Calibrate). The wizard assumes (as stated in the wizard) that the controller is in the center point of travel as the first step. Yet if you start the calibration with the throttle lever pushed all the way in or pulled all the way out, you get the “jumping” problem as described by many on the web.

Thus the solution is to set the throttle (and the prop and mixture controls) in the middle positions of their travel before beginning the calibration procedure (requires some guessing what the middle position is). Or a better solution is to, once you’ve opened the calibration window tab, just click the ‘Reset to default’ button :-)

Happy throttle’ling!