A2A Cessna 182 Skylane Walkaround Cheat Sheet

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A2A Cessna 182 Skylane Walkaround Cheat Sheet

I fly the Cessna 182 Skylane by A2ASimulations. One of its most interesting features is the exterior walkaround inspection. Right from within Prepar3D, you can do a full walkaround, inspecting various parts of your airplane that dynamically deteriorate based on your previous flights. This is great. As a student pilot, I needed a cheat sheet to learn to recognize the ‘detoriated’ states of these airplane parts. So, I made that sheet and share it with you (with permission of A2A to use images).

If you come to spot any mistakes in the walkaround cheat sheet, or have ideas for improvement, please let me know by commenting on this blog post below. I’m really interested in learning all there is to know about the Skylane in general. I’m not an actual PPL certified pilot nor is this checklist approved by real-world pilots. I invite you all to critically review my traffic pattern and let me know if any items need changing, rephrasing, adding or removing. I’ll gladly upload improved versions if necessary.

And if you like, consider subscribing to either my Facebook, Twitter or YouTube channel. While I’m still preparing my flight simulation training, I will soon start with posting flight review videos of my actual flights in Prepar3D and share the things I learned along the way.

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