02. Inbound IFR

I have built myself a home flight simulator to develop real-world VFR and IFR flight skills. Each flight I make in the simulator is based on actual flight training material. Also, I stream each flight to Twitch and YouTube to share my learning experiences.

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03.  Watch me LIVE

Each flight I make I live stream to Twitch.tv/uncertifiedpilot. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook to get notified of my flight schedule ahead of time. Jump aboard as my co-pilot, chat with other viewers, ask me anything while I fly, or help me improve my flying.

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04.  My logbook

I keep a blog as my online logbook. I track my flight training progress and share useful downloads with you. Subscribe to my logbook to stay in the loop.

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Meet Tim, the UncertifiedPilot.

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Why I think Flight Simulation matters.

What I believe in.

I believe that deep down we all long to be pilots. This is why I love to demonstrate the thrill and educational value of home flight simulation to as many people as possible.

I do so by broadcasting my own flight simulation training to Twitch and by talking at flight simulation conventions and public schools about inspiring young people to make a difference in the aviation industry.